Great Staff

Fabulous Feet Director Melissa Miller Port is certified by test to teach through Dance Masters of America and the faculty at Fabulous Feet are top quality instructors who love to work with kids. Come find out why Fabulous Feet is an excellent environment to learn in!

All Ages and Styles

Students ages 3 and up are welcome at Fabulous Feet and we offer many styles of dance. Styles include Tiny Tots, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern/Contemporary, Musical Theater, Tumbling/Trapeze, Aerial Silks, All Boys Hip Hop, All Boys Jazz/Tap, Adult Ballet & Adult Tap


Fabulous Feet has produced over 35 shows! We know it’s a great way to build self confidence and a fun way for family to come see what we do all year. This spring, we’re excited to announce our 3rd annual Spring Showcase for the Fabulous Feet Academy of Ballet and our 29th annual Recital.

Winter News

ATTENTION COMPETITION TEAM MEMBERS AND PARENTS!!! Here is the letter following up on the most recent competition team meeting. It includes all of the pertinent information.

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Check out our new line of custom apparel for the 2017-2018 dance year! They make great gifts for dancers and their families! Select sizes will be available in the office shortly or stop by to fill out a custom order form.


2017-2018 Custom Apparel: January 20th

FFD Sweatsuits: January 26th*

FFD Sweatshirts and T-Shirts: February 23rd

*Please note that this will be our last order for the 2017/2018 dance year.

Congratulations on a Successful Nationals for our Competition Team!

We are so proud of our competition team. They have been working relentlessly throughout the year to prepare for the Sheer Talent National Dance Competition in Foxwoods, Connecticut. We had 17 members attend and return with multiple high awards as National Champions with multiple National title holders!

2nd Overall Teen Solo-Blythe Wittig
8th Overall Teen Solo-Olivia Fonville

1st Overall Teen Duo- Blythe Wittig & Parker Hair
2nd Overall Teen Duo- Faith Bernhardt & Soren Fleming
3rd Overall Teen Duo- Tatum Kentnor & Parker Hair

4th Overall Teen Group-Jazz: Prince Medley
5th Overall Teen Group-Contemporary: To The Hills

1st Overall Teen Line-Contemporary: Dead Hearts
2nd Overall Teen Line-Tap: Vivaldi
4th Overall Teen Line-Hip Hop: Squeeze Me

5th Overall Senior Solo- McKayla Corulli

1st Overall Senior Trio-Jazz: Let It Out

4th Overall Senior Group-Hip Hop:FUN!

Diamond Competition
2nd Overall Solos/Duos/Trios- Faith Bernhardt & Soren Fleming
2nd Overall Groups/Lines/Productions-Tap: Vivaldi

National Title Holders
2nd Runner Up Miss Teen Sheer Talent Blythe Wittig
National Miss PreTeen Sheer Talent-Angelina Rios
1st Runner Up Miss PreTeen Sheer Talent- Faith Braley
National Mr. Sheer Talent-Soren Fleming
1st Runner Up Mr. Sheer Talent- Parker Hair


Fabulous Feet #28: On Your Feet! Recital Pictures

Pictures are now available to pick-up at Parsons Photography!

Parsons is located at 15 S Mission St, Wenatchee, WA 98801

Registration Packet



Ages 3-4 & 5-6 years.
A creative movement course for tots,
based on the rudiments of dance,
basic ballet, introduction to jazz,
and development of good rhythm
through tap.


A free style of dance, involving stretch,
isolations, and combinations, influenced
by the social contemporary dances
and music of both today and yesterday.


An audible form of dance
that develops a strong sense
of rhythm and coordination.


The mother of dance which
develops good body structure and tone,
body placement and technique,
strength and flexibility, and is important
for the well-rounded dancer.


A free-style type of dance that centers around music of today’s dance floors. This class is all boys.

Jazz Small


A free style of dance, involving stretch, isolations, and combinations, influenced by the social contemporary dances and music of both today and yesterday geared toward boys’ athleticism and themes.


A free-style type of dance
that centers around music
of today’s dance floors.


A style of theatrical dance
that rejects the limitations of classical ballet
and favors movement deriving
from the expression of inner feeling.
You must be recommended into this class
by two of your teachers.


Musical Theater combines jazz technique
with other varieties to create a “Broadway” style of dance.
This class will follow a jazz warm up
and will have progressions and center floor work
and combinations that combine acting with jazz dance.

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By learning the benefits of flexibility,
balance, core strength, and body control,
inherent in all aspects of tumbling,
your child will be better equipped
to safely enjoy and excel in
all of his or her future athletic endeavors.


This class provides a workout that allows you to stretch and strengthen without over-stressing your joints or compressing your vertebrae. The key to Weightless class is the hammock, a swath of silky fabric that acts as your support system. Using the hammock, you learn to invert and hang suspended in the air. The hammock supports your hips for forward bends and backbends. It acts as your seat for any number of variations on the abtastic crunch. Best of all, the hammock wraps you in your own little cocoon for swaying that leaves you feeling weightless!.


Silks, also called Fabric or Tissu, are one long piece of fabric attached in the middle to the ceiling to create two long tails. In this class you will learn to climb, invert in the air, and hang upside down. As you increase strength and comfort-level, you will learn sequences, drops, slides, and flips that allow you to descend the fabric with style and grace.

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